Olivia the doll

Olivia the crochet doll Olivia the doll is a project I’ve been working on for quite a while. Or rather, I started it a while back. I made a first version of the doll about a year ago but I finished writing down the pattern only some weeks ago. Now it has been duly tested […]

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Final touches tutorial 2: the invisble knot

Let me introduce you to the Final touches tutorial 2: the invisible knot. So your crochet animal is all done, you’ve stopped your work in the neatest way ever… But you don’t know what to do with the remaining thread. Of course, you could just push it back into the amigurumi and no one would […]

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A mischievous bulldog

Meet Marcus the French bulldog. A friend asked me to make a French bulldog that would look like her own pet ant that would be easy for her son to carry along with him. I was thrilled with the idea. But I didn’t feel quite up to creating my own pattern, particularly because of the […]

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Sam Pig Crochet pattern
Sam pig crochet pattern Littlemouse Crochet DMC Natura

Sam Pig crochet pattern introduction I’d been wanting to make a cute, pink little pig for a while but just couldn’t find THE pattern of my dreams. I decided to create my own and that’s how I came up with Sam Pig crochet pattern. Who is Sam Pig? Sam is a round, soft, sweet and […]

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Beginner tutorial: the magic ring

Amigurumis being crocheted in spiral, the first thing you need to know is how to make a magic ring, which is the base of all amiguruimi projects. Though the name might be a bit scary, it’s not all that complicated to master, it just takes a little practice. Here is a tutorial to show you […]

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Mister Mouse crochet pattern
Mr Mouse Littlemouse Crochet pattern Grundl quick cotton

Mister Mouse Crochet Pattern introduction Who is Mister Mouse? Mister Mouse is my very first proper pattern, and as such, he holds a very special place in my heart. Don’t be fooled by his sweet and innocent little face: though he is a bit shy, Mr Mouse is playful, curious and full of mischief! He’s […]

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